Why Choose Robertson Pediatrics

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, our Pediatric practice is led by Dr. Sammy Kim and his exceptional staff. Our experienced providers care about every aspect of your child’s growth and development. We tailor healthcare plans to meet their physical, mental, and emotional health needs.

Dr. Sammy and his colleagues are committed to offering unwavering support that goes beyond just an in-office visit. We aim to become a steady source of guidance at every stage of parenthood. Our practice offers comprehensive medical care to babies, teenagers, and young adults.

As a dedication to helping parents through the unexpected challenges of childhood care, we offer same-day sick visits, concierge pediatric services, and home visits for added convenience. 

Same-Day Sick Visits

Our same-day sick visits guarantee prompt and high-quality care for time-sensitive diseases or symptoms. You can directly arrive at our clinic located in Beverly Hills, or we can send one of our colleagues right to your home. 

When in doubt about whether or not your child needs urgent medical attention, you can reach us via phone or email, and we will happily clear your concerns over the phone. 

Concierge Pediatrics

If your child is a high-level athlete, performer, or scholar looking to optimize their performance or you desire a personalized level of care, Dr. Sammy offers concierge services that will ensure all their needs are covered. 

Not only will your child receive the most comprehensive care available, but they will also have access to specialized services, tests, and providers only accessible through Dr. Sammy’s personal network.

No matter where you are, you will always have seamless access to Dr. Sammy. Coordination of care, travel planning, and virtual care are all available for your family anytime, no matter the location.

Home Visits that Foster Comfort

You don’t necessarily have to visit our Beverly Hills office to receive top-quality care. Our mobilized healthcare specialization allows us to perform lab tests and specialized screenings right in the comfort of your own home. 

Medical Expertise

At Robertson Pediatrics, we take pride in the reputation and expertise of our Pediatric providers. From expert Pediatric Psychology to outstanding contributions to research, Dr. Sammy and his colleagues offer the highest level of care for children of all ages.

We partner with providers who are not only deeply experienced but also share our commitment to delivering exceptional Pediatric care for all needs. We have vast experience developing customized plans for children with different medical conditions and special requirements. 

Comprehensive Pediatric Care

We understand that wellness isn’t only limited to physical health alone; it also encompasses mental well-being. Our Pediatricians extend our support to children and teenagers dealing with a wide range of mental and behavioral health conditions, including:

Our holistic approach to managing these issues combines medication management, Psychological therapy, and parenting support to ensure long-lasting recovery. 

Parental Encouragement and Education

We believe well-informed parents make the best health decisions for their children. Our goal is to offer reliable medical care while supplying you with the right tools and information to tackle any issues that may arise. 

During your appointments, our Pediatricians will empower you with knowledge and guidance to ensure you are able to handle all the challenges of childhood confidently. 

Pediatric Expertise in Beverly Hills

Ensure your child receives the best care with our expert Pediatric services. We offer same-day visits in our clinic located in the heart of Beverly Hills and at-home care for your comfort. 

Whether your child is a high-level athlete, entertainer or has any special needs, our concierge Pediatrics services offer 24/7 virtual and in-person specialized help right at your doorstep. For appointments, please call us at 310-659-8687 or contact us online.  

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Phone: 310-659-8687
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Working Hours
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Open for Walk-ins Tues, Thurs & Fri: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Concierge Patients have direct access 24/7 and will be accomodated with home/office visits as needed.
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