Common Childhood Injuries

As children explore the world around them, their fearless spirits can lead them to unexpected adventures, sometimes resulting in common childhood injuries.

At Robertson Pediatrics, we understand that growing up comes with its fair share of tumbles, scrapes, and stings. Our experienced team provides expert care, guidance, and reassurance for you and your children when injuries occur.

Our commitment to your child's health goes beyond routine check-ups. We are your trusted partners in managing the everyday mishaps that can happen when children are at play.

Wound Care

A wound is an injury that damages body tissue's external and internal surfaces. Skin is susceptible to cuts and lacerations, affecting its various layers, muscles, and nerves. 

Unsupervised children often suffer such injuries through play, sports, or at-home accidents while using sharp objects. Injuries can happen anytime, and seeking medical attention promptly to avoid further complications is essential to prevent infections, extensive scarring, or persistent pain. 

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Fracture Care

Fractures in children occur when a bone partially or completely breaks due to external pressure applied by a direct hit, a sports injury, or an accidental fall. Injured bones can vary in severity from open to closed fractures:

  • Open or compound fractures happen when the broken bone damages the outer layer of the skin and pokes through it. 
  • Closed or simple fractures occur when the bone breaks but does not damage the skin. 

Older children might be able to explain their symptoms and how they got injured, making it easier to identify a fracture. However, knowing whether your baby or toddler has a broken bone can be more challenging since they may struggle to communicate their discomfort. 

It is important to remain vigilant to the potential signs of a fracture and seek prompt medical attention. The key symptoms of a fracture include:

  • A snap or grinding sound when the injury occurs
  • Inflammation, redness, and bruising around the injury
  • Intense pain that tends to increase
  • Pain that worsens when moving the injured area
  • Visible deformity 
  • A broken bone poking through the skin
  • Dizziness and shivering
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Bites & Stings

Bites & stings are a relatively common occurrence during childhood when life is full of outdoor play, wildlife encounters, and exciting discoveries. Insects, animals, and arachnids can sometimes pose unwelcome encounters that, while often minor, may occasionally require attention and care.

When spending time outdoors, children are exposed to an array of insects like mosquitoes, ants, bees, and spiders, all of which have their own unique ways of expressing displeasure when provoked. Additionally, pets and wildlife encounters can result in animal bites, adding another layer of potential risks.

While most instances may cause temporary discomfort and minor skin irritation, some bites and stings can lead to more severe reactions and complications. This is particularly true when allergens or infections are involved.

At Robertson Pediatrics, our expertise extends beyond just treating the physical symptoms. We also offer guidance and support to the family, helping you understand the best ways to prevent and manage bites and stings.

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Managing Common Childhood Injuries in Beverly Hills

We understand that accidents happen, and when they do, Robertson Pediatrics is ready to deliver the expert care and compassionate support your child deserves. 

When the unexpected occurs, you can trust Robertson Pediatrics to provide the care your child needs to heal and grow. We offer same-day visits in our clinic in the heart of Beverly Hills. For appointments, please call us at 310-659-8687 or contact us online.

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