Newborn Conditions

Understanding how common newborn conditions like jaundice, feeding problems, and diaper rash develop can help you recognize their signs and seek timely medical treatment.

Bringing a baby into the world is a unique and life-changing experience. Along with the joy and excitement you experience, handling new challenges is the expected norm as you navigate this critical phase in your child’s life.

At Robertson Pediatrics, we know informed parents make the best decisions for their children, and we aim to offer support at every stage. 


Jaundice is a common condition in newborn babies that causes a yellowing in the skin and eyes. It occurs when the levels of bilirubin (a yellow pigment of red blood cells) in the bloodstream are high. 

Although it is often a temporary issue that does not need specialized attention, some cases can be a symptom of complicated conditions, such as liver damage or gallstones. Early recognition and treatment are vital to prevent bilirubin from rising to dangerous levels.

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Infant Feeding Problems

Don’t delay seeking help from your pediatrician if you notice signs of infant feeding problems that do not improve with at-home techniques and intervention. The early months of your child’s life are pivotal, and ensuring your baby receives the essential nutrients is critical to ensure proper growth and development. 

Infant feeding issues will not resolve themselves on their own or with time. Undernutrition can lead to lasting physical and cognitive challenges for your child. If your child is experiencing infant feeding problems, it is crucial to get professional help immediately. 

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Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common skin irritation that typically appears as red and inflamed skin in babies and toddlers who wear diapers. The diaper area in a baby is often warm and moist, making it prone to bacteria growth and irritation. If you notice swelling, redness, or itchy skin in your baby, it may be a case of diaper rash. 

Diaper rash usually happens when diapers are not changed frequently or when using new products like wipes, ointments, oils, or detergents. By using simple at-home treatments and techniques, your baby’s skin should recover in a matter of days. 

If you notice that symptoms intensify or issues like fever start to appear, it is important to visit your doctor since prescription antibiotics or specialized care may be needed. 

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Comprehensive Newborn Care in Beverly Hills

At Robertson Pediatrics, we offer comprehensive care and guidance to address newborn conditions, ensuring your little one gets the best start in life. 

We ensure your baby receives the best nurturing care with our newborn care services. We offer same-day visits in our clinic located in the heart of Beverly Hills. For appointments, call us at 310-659-8687 or contact us online.

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