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Vaccination Policies

● Robertson Pediatrics will not care for families who refuse to vaccinate.


Financial Policies

● You are responsible for any applicable co-payments at the time of your visit.

● After your insurance company has processed the claim, you are responsible for any unmet deductibles, co-insurance, or non-covered services.

● If we are not a contracted provider with your insurance, we can submit claims electronically to your insurance provider as a courtesy. However, we will not accept discounted rates.

● For patients who do not use insurance, payment is due at time of service, via credit card, cash or personal check.

● Please call our office to verify insurance eligibility prior to your first visit.



Annual Administrative Fee

Robertson Pediatrics is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our families. Unfortunately, there are certain services that are not covered or reimbursed by insurance companies. In order for us to continue to provide exceptional comprehensive care as contracted providers with insurance companies, we are implementing an annual administrative fee to all our families. The administration fee will allow us to continue to provide the kind of care that our patients and families have come to value without individually charging for the services we gladly provide. This fee is designed to bundle together the cost of certain services that otherwise are charged to you individually at higher rates as you need to access those non-covered services. Please note that this rate is subject to change on renewal without prior notice.

● After-hours Pediatric Nurse hotline

● Same day sick visits

● Phone calls for follow-up of lab results, questions, and/or concerns

● Use of advanced minimally invasive diagnostic testing technology

● Prescription refill requests occurring outside of appointments

● Letters to schools and airlines for your child’s needs

● Medical record transfer costs when sharing records with specialists

● Completing health forms for school/camp/sports forms

● Access to HIPAA compliant digital tools and communication


Families with (1) child - $250.00 per year

Families with (2) children - $400.00 per year

Families with (3+) children - $600.00 per year


Cancellation Policy

There are no prorated rates or refunds. Please give 24-hour notice if you cannot make a scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee. School Forms Policies Patients must have had a recent Well Child Visit in our office within the past 12 months to complete their school or camp form.

● You may e-mail or fax any forms that need to be completed for school, camp or daycare.

● Please allow 7 business days for completion. We get many requests at the start of the school year- so please plan accordingly.

● If your school form does not require a doctor's signature, you can request vaccine information from our office staff and fill in school forms yourself.